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Production Management

Execute production plans by utilizing strong project planning, execution, operations, cost control,communication, and management background. Correspond with client, user groups and design teams to produce high demand client deliverables.

Photo & Video

Create client photography & video portfolios for marketing campaigns, advertisement, and website content. Execute communications strategy for client marketing campaigns through video and photography skills.

Design to Technical Strategy

Engage with multi-disciplinary teams to develop and implement marketing design concepts for clients. Coordinate design drafts on project sites’ layout and user interface while continuously improving the product from user and client feedback to market target audience.


Peter Stamenov Portrait

The Photographer

During my teen years in Sofia, I worked in a design studio to manage the commercial and advertisement prints. Here I learned film based format cameras including 4”x5” view cameras, 35mm, and medium format photography. As my experience grew, I joined the staff of Bulgaria’s
Trud Daily Newspaper where I captured still images for news, sports, and feature assignments while developing experience with darkroom editing.

I moved to the USA in the early 90s, and I continued my formal education with the completion of a bachelor’s of fine art degree from the Herron School of Art and Design.

Over my 17+ years in photography, I worked with marketing and business development teams to develop images and storylines that impact the community and industry.

The Video Producer

With the role of photographers evolving in the 2000s, I began shooting video in my role as Indiana University’s Head Staff photographer. I directed video productions to provide content for IUPUI media; and chaired IUPUI’s photography department for University College’s advertisement campaign.

My experience also reached into the marketing sector where I shoot, edited, researched, produced, and directed production for web videos for local and national companies.

The WordPress Web Developer

To expand my creative skillsets to the technical industry, I developed my talents in the coding world by receiving my master’s of science degree in Media Arts & Science from Indiana Univeristy’s school of informatics and computing.

I became a WordPress leader on production, optimization, and customization of client sites where I’ve collaborated with marketing & design teams, direct client requests, and user feedback for development of web applications and site improvements.


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